Hail, Hail! My Car is Wrecked!

I’m going to take a moment today to leave my normal way of things and tell you about an actual experience that I recently had.

While my passion is normally writing whimsical stories about people, places and things that may or may not really exist, today I want to give some love about some people and a business here in Arvada, CO that really does exist.

Like many other Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Lakewood residents, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the horrendous hail storm that hit the area in May.

You see, on that fateful day in May, I was visiting a friend in Wheat Ridge when the storm hit. Baseball sized hail, torrential rain and wind like I’ve rarely seen.

When the rain and hail had cleared, we went outside to assess the damage. What a mess! I was shocked to see what the storm had done to my car.

Parked on the street, my car took everything the storm had to offer, and came out looking more like a dimpled golf ball, than a Toyota. The windows were shattered and it was completely unsafe to drive.

I quickly Googled “Arvada wrecker services”, knowing that if there was any chance of getting a tow truck, I had to be quick.

First on Google’s list was Arvada Towing Service. I took my chances and gave them a call. I’m glad I did. Not only was I able to talk to a real person, after only a short hold, but the dispatcher was very pleasant and provided me with great reassurance that they would take good care of me and my car.

While I did have to wait a couple of days to get my car returned to my home, Arvada Towing Service lived up to their promise of good service, pleasant people and even though my car was already a mess, they cared for it like it was in pristine condition.

It took me even longer to get my windows replaced, and I’m still waiting to have the body work done on my car, but I cannot say enough good stuff about Arvada Towing Service. They saved the day, and made a crummy situation just a little bit easier.